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Jagbir Singh

Jagbir Singh

Co-founder of Mindnerves Focuses on increasing flexibility and agility through institutionalized methodologies for product development, operations and innovations.

Business To Business(B2B) Solutions

On the internet, B2B (Business to Business) is also known as e-biz, is the exchange of products, services or information between businesses, rather than between business and consumers. Customizing your software can streamline your B2B collaborations and management.

We can help in keeping you up always on B2B trends relating to mobile development by showing you the current standard of excellence in mobile online development for your industry.

World Class Manufacturing Software

One of the key area of Mindnerves is in industrial sector  by developing ideal applications to fulfill the principles of Lean manufacturing and to implement the WCM methodologies (World Class Manufacturing), however aimed to monitor and improve the production performance and optimize the consumption of resources.

It could be known by different terminologies; some call it TPS (Toyota Production System), others WCM (World Class Manufacturing), some call it LEAN and some call it Operational Excellence — finally, to sum it up, all world-class organizations have different frameworks or structures. But as it is said, ‘All roads lead to Rome.’ All systems lead to one destination of world-class performance.

React App Development Company Pune

React.js is an open-source Javascript library organized by some of the biggest tech companies in the world. This makes the React JS community a large and active community that constantly improves the library. At Mindnerves, our desire to be part of the most advanced technologies and developments in web development technology and applications makes us one of the best react.js development companies on the market.

React is a JavaScript library used to build user interfaces. React is also known as React.js or ReactJS. Facebook, a community of developers and companies retain it. As an optimal basis for the fast-changing data to be recorded, ReactJs can be used in developing single-page or mobile applications.