Business To Business(B2B) Solutions

On the internet, B2B (Business to Business) is also known as e-biz, is the exchange of products, services or information between businesses, rather than between business and consumers. Customizing your software can streamline your B2B collaborations and management.

We can help in keeping you up always on B2B trends relating to mobile development by showing you the current standard of excellence in mobile online development for your industry.

We can develop or customize your B2B software for all industries as our B2B mobile app developers have proven experience in adding business value to small corporations and large organizations by successfully rolling out B2B enterprise mobile solutions.

We have developed all kind of industry software.

  1.  Online Invoicing & Billing Software.
  2.   e-Learning ( Education Portal)
  3.   Real estate portals
  4.   Restaurant billing Software
  5.   HR and recruitment portals
  6.    Super Marking Software
  7.   Ecommerce portals
  8.   Job portals
  9.   Mobile Shop Software
  10.   Matrimonial Portal
  11.   Corporate intranet portals
  12.   Online shops and product catalogs
  13.   Travel portals
  14.   Order Tracking
  15.   Secured Payment Method
  16.   Inventory Management

An effective B2B Portal usage in your company can save Time & MoneyIncrease the productivity of an organization, gives an better reputation to the company about effective usage of resources.

A Pioneer in Offering Portal Development Services


  • Dynamic Product Catalog with Inventory Integration
  • Custom Product Development
  • Online Order & Transaction Processing
  • Customer Problem handling
  • Effective usage of Company Newletters, with low publishing & distribution cost
  • Easy Tracking of Orders by Customers
  • Purcahsing online (Auctions/Tenders Management)
  • Intranet Portal for internal requirement better relastion ship management with employees
  • Projects Managment Tools
  • Online Private Messengers, Private Chats, Private Meetings, Private Message Boards
  • Implementation of Document Managment & Knowledge Management tools

 We develop an Custom B2B Portals as per the requirement. Our team designs & develops application for Linux & Windows 2000 Platform. Being web based database application can run on any client with web browsers.

B2B Portals provide a full range of web services, including applications and e-commerce support for a customized, integrated e-business hub.