World Class Manufacturing Software

One of the key area of Mindnerves is in industrial sector  by developing ideal applications to fulfill the principles of Lean manufacturing and to implement the WCM methodologies (World Class Manufacturing), however aimed to monitor and improve the production performance and optimize the consumption of resources.

It could be known by different terminologies; some call it TPS (Toyota Production System), others WCM (World Class Manufacturing), some call it LEAN and some call it Operational Excellence — finally, to sum it up, all world-class organizations have different frameworks or structures. But as it is said, ‘All roads lead to Rome.’ All systems lead to one destination of world-class performance.

World Class Manufacturing is a management philosophy that helps to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and effectiveness of man and the machine, streamline the process, optimize inventory levels and the most important improve employee morale. It aims to inculcate the culture of continual improvement in the employees. It trains the employees to accept change and imbibes the thought — Change is Permanent. It is based on the principle that there is always room for improvement and we as an organization should continuously work towards it.

The concept of ‘zero’ is at the heart of this approach: Zero waste. Zero defects. Zero breakdowns. Zero inventory

If your organisation is looking to experience significant improvements in transparency, communication and productivity throughout your operations, our  WCM solution can help.

The solution is process driven and has been developed to automate the WCM methodologies associated with the 10 technical pillars.


Increased productivity, quality and safety from shop floor to boardroom.

We helps to promotes connectivity across all departments and is designed to contribute to your organisation achieving its World Class Manufacturing strategy i.e. the best, fastest, lowest cost producer of a product.